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It’s easy to understand where people get the impression that they can play online poker and turn a profit.  There are so many TV shows about online poker, including some reality TV shows where people try to make it big, that it’s easy to get the impression that anyone can win.

In truth, poker is a game where for someone to win, others must lose.  That doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to play poker online for real money and win consistently, but it does mean you have to be better than average to do it.

To succeed at playing poker online for real money, you need to choose your table carefully.  Pick one which has a couple of poor players, and play against those.  If there’s a strong player at the table, avoid going up against them whenever possible.  Choose your pots carefully, and look for steady wins.  This may not be the most glamorous or exciting way of playing, but it will give you the desired result.

Pick the right room for your bankroll – don’t play in a room if you don’t have enough money to cover at least a few dozen of the big blind – preferably more.  You don’t want to be sat at a table short stacked, because people will be able to bully you out of hands that you may otherwise have won.

If you choose the right table, and play tight, picking your hands carefully, you will be able to turn a profit.


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