Daniel Negreanu Loses to rUaBot

May 8, 2012 by  
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Daniel Negreanu has been knocked out of this week’s inaugural Limit Hold’em Challenge by the German player known as “rUaBot”.

The $200/$400 limit heads-up challenge was supposed to run for 1,250 hands, but Negreanu was defeated after just 937 hands.  Negreanu’s opponent was courteous and pleasant in victory, acknowledging that he had a “sick run”.  Negreanu and rUaBot chatted briefly after the game, exchanging thanks and congratulations.

Negreanu had several brief pockets of good luck throughout the challenge, but they were spread out and brief.  rUaBot enjoyed a long run of good luck late in the game, decimating Negreanu’s chip stack and pulling out a lead that allowed him to dominate the table for the final few hands. Towards the end of the game, Negreanu even showed an uncharacteristic display of promotion, typing “This is starting to get really annoying LOL” when rUaBot got yet another nice break on the river.

In Negreanu’s defence, he was playing two tables of heads-up limit holdem at the same time. He says that he will not attempt that again.  However, there is hope that he will come back for another shot at the Limit Hold’em Challenge.  It is always nice to see recognizable big-name poker pros playing online.  Keep checking back for updates on major challenges, and any announcements as to which poker pro (or pros) will be taking part in the tournament the next time it is run.




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