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It’s easy to play poker free online.  All of the major online poker sites offer free to play games.  Some of them are “just for fun”, while others offer online poker freerolls, which are free poker tournaments that lead on to tournaments where cash prizes can be won.

It’s easy to dismiss free online poker games as being a waste of time, but free online poker has a place for many people.

If you are not able to afford to play cash games, or simply want to play some low pressure poker for a while, then playing free games can be a good way to spend your time.  When you play poker free online, you will find that the people you are playing against vary massively in quality.  There are some good players  in the free games, but there are also many fish, and many people who play like lunatics.

The hands you play in free poker online won’t teach you much, but the practice you get by playing those hands can help you to practice counting outs, calculating pot odds, and calculating hand probabilities.   These are skills that will serve you forever, even in high stakes games.

If you enjoy success in free to play tournaments, you can build up a bankroll and gradually move to micro-limit games, and from there, the sky is the limit!


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