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Taking a stand in poker is as common as breathing air. We all have moments in time where we are short stacked or someone is attempting to run us over and we have to put up or shut up. The problem is that way too many poker players wait too long to take a stand. In no limit poker tournaments you have to be willing to put it all on the line. You also have to be willing to put it all on the line during key stages of the tournament knowing that you may be eliminated.If that kind of talk bothers you then no limit is not the game for you. However, the successful tournament poker players know this and that is why they get their chips in the pot stealing blinds and small pots periodically throughout the tournament. None of us will ever be dealt enough hand to rely solely on great cards. So, the tried and tested method of winning pots is to steal them when the opportunity presents itself.

Taking a stand will slow down those that believe your blinds are for sail. You don’t even need a big hand in order to take a stand. The fact of the matter is that when someone raises your blinds more than a couple of times in a row your BS detector should be going off full blast. That means hands like [A][T], [A][J], [A][Q], [8][8]-[A][K] are all hands you are willing to not only re-raise with but get all of your chips in the middle with.

What happens if my opponent has a big hand?

You are likely to get railed. However, if your read on them stealing your blinds is correct, as it will likely most often be, then you will see them lay down their garbage hand and move on to someone else. You are going to have to make moves like this if someone sense you are weak. How you choose to play it is up to you. You don’t even need the cards to make this move but it is best to have something to defend yourself with if possible.

So the next time someone considers your blinds up for sale be sure to send them a powerful message that you will punch back.


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