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I don’t know about most poker players but I love to learn as much about the game of poker as possible. aussie poker players have some of the most beautiful casinos to play poker in the world. Aussie tournaments are also well run and have outstanding competition. So what else can you do to enhance your game? Well, if you are like me you do a whole lot of reading. Clearly there is a huge market of books available on No Limit Texas Holdem as there is for Omaha Hi/Lo. Today the poker world continues to ride the wave of No Limit because it is such a TV friendly game. But what if I told you that there is another wave building up right behind it called Omaha.?

Only 4 years ago the game of Omaha and it’s other forms were a complete mystery to those that came into the game of poker via the TV boom and Chris Moneymaker. Most of these players were new to the game and all they wanted to do is play No Limit Holdem. There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing no limit. However, today there is a new game in town that continues to build momentum every single day. Omaha is now the second most popular form of poker and we are seeing more players begin to play the game. Just like no limit Omaha has community cards and a Turn and River. The difference being that the players each hold 4 cards and must use at least 2 of them to make their hand.

It all seems fairly straight forward but I see more misreads of the board in Omaha than in any other form of poker. This is particularly true of Omaha Hi/Lo 8 OB. It does take some getting used to but it is certainly not as difficult as it’s made out to be. One fo the benefits to learning 8 OB is that your Holdem game will improve. Yes, it will get better. Why? Because any time you learn another form of poker you become well rounded and gain a different perspective in No Limit. The same goes for learning RAZZ or Stud games. The more well rounded a poker player you are the better your game will be. Don’t get me wrong though. I certainly can’t guarantee you will be the next Phil Ivey but you will be one step closer to being the best poker player you can be.

Almost every form of Omaha can be found online for micro-stakes. So don’t be shy or worried that you need a truck load of money to learn the game. You can always play Fixed Limit Omaha if bankroll is an issue.


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